Do you need to collect field data from remote sites into one centralized application, historian or ERP ?
Then the Talk2M DataMailbox will probably answer your needs.

The Talk2M Service "DataMailbox" allows easy retrieval of eWON historical data. Application developers can easily write code to retrieve historical data from multiple eWONs using the Data Mailbox without the need of learning a whole new environment.

The eWON pushes its historical data to the Data Mailbox running on Talk2M servers. This historical data is temporarily stored and is then available through the DMWeb API.
This HTTPS based protocol allows third party applications to retrieve data from the Data Mailbox in an easy way.

The following DMWeb API request can be used to retrieve new historical samples:

To simplify the integration of the data into your own application, the answer is formatted in JSON.

Answer example:


If the Data Mailbox act as a temporary storage, there is a limitation in the capacity that can be stored:

  • Maximum 500.000 NEW points per month per DataMailbox on FREE+ account
  • 3.000.000 NEW points per month per Datamailbox included on a TalK2M PRO account. Additional points can be bought (1€ per additional 1.000.000 points/month).
  • A point can be stored for 10 days maximum, beginning when it was sent to the Data Mailbox.

Detailed info about the SDK for the DMWeb API can be found on the DMWeb programming page.

The DMWeb API requires a Talk2M Developer ID !