Alarming / Historical Logging

  • Custom Historical Logging

    eWON already embeds a powerful historical logging feature. So in most of the cases you should use this feature to store your historical data. Using the embedded historical logging of the eWON also allows simple synchronization of the data with a centralized server using the ...

  • Historical Logging

    eWON integrates 2 different types of logging:Realtime data loggingHistorical data loggingFor both logging types, the eWON web interface allows to display the logged data in a table as well as on a graph.Realtime loggingThe aim of the realtime logg...

  • Alarming

    eWON integrates an alarm feature and notification system.For every Tag created on the eWON, you can enable alarming and define alarm levels, activation delays, etc. If the value of the Tag exceeds the limit, then the eWON raises the alarm.eWON has an Alarm summary and an Alarm H...