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IOT Solutions

The Ewon Flexy can be used in the development of IOT projects.

You can find a list of different solutions where you can integrate the Ewon Flexy:

Talk2M APIs

The Talk2M APIs are actually composed of 2 different API: the DataMailbox API (a.k.a. DMWeb API) and the M2Web API (linked to the M2Web platform).

If your project consists in - simply - retrieving data from the Ewon gateway, then the DMWeb API is the best solution.

However, if the project also requires a direct access to the Ewon gateway (e.g.: write something in the Ewon gateway), then we recommended the combination of DMWeb and M2Web API.


The Talk2M Service "DataMailbox" allows easy retrieval of your Ewon gateway's historical data. Application developers can easily script to retrieve historical data of multiple Ewon gateways using the DataMailbox without the need of learning a whole new environment.

The Ewon gateway pushes its historical data to the DataMailbox running on our Talk2M servers. This historical data is temporarily stored and is then available using the DMWeb protocol. This HTTP based protocol allows third party applications to retrieve data from the DataMailbox in an easy way.

To take advantage of the DMWeb API, you will need a Developer ID.

You can find more information in the programming DMWeb section.


The M2Web API exposes web services which aim at querying M2Web information (basically the content found on the M2Web portal) and at accessing the web servers of the Ewon gateway (and possible web servers through the LAN interface of the Ewon gateway).

This means that it can either return information about M2Web itself (account information, Ewon connectivity status,...), or forward requests to the Ewon gateway or the LAN devices plugged in the Ewon gateway.

To take advantage of the M2Web API, you will need a Developer ID.

You can find more information in the programming M2Web section.

Instead of developing your own IOT solution or IOT connector yourself, you can also use one of our partners available on the Ewon Partners web page.

Ewon & MQTT

MQTT is a lightweight communication protocol based on TCP/IP used by IOT platforms to receive or send messages from smart devices like meters, sensors,...

When using MQTT, the network topology is composed of multiple clients connected to a single server, which is called the “Broker”.

You can use the Ewon Flexy as an MQTT client and communicate through MQTT with a distant MQTT Broker.

Sending data to a MQTT(S) broker from your Ewon Flexy requires some programming in the Ewon Flexy, either in BASIC scripting or in JAVA. The document  AUG-0073-00: Getting started with MQTT on Ewon Flexy  helps you get started with MQTT and Flexy.

For testing purpose, we put on our support test website a simple but easy-to-use MQTT broker. Please visit for more details concerning the BASIC script and how to connect your Ewon Flexy to this MQTT broker.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure IoT Hub is an environment offering a complete solution to handle your data.

The Ewon Flexy can play a key role in sending your data to Microsoft Azure.

The Ewon Flexy has been officially Microsoft Azure certified!

Learn more on Microsoft Azure and Ewon Flexy.

Amazon Web Services - AWS IoT Core

The Amazon Web Services and its IoT Hub called AWS IoT Core is an environment offering a complete solution to handle your data.

The Ewon Flexy can play a key role in sending your data to AWS.

The Ewon Flexy has been officially recognised as AWS IoT Core Qualified!

Learn more on AWS IoT Core and Ewon Flexy.

Siemens MindSphere

The flexibility of the Ewon Flexy allows a user to inter-connect remote devices, regardless of the protocol being used, in an environment where communication technologies are constantly changing.

Through this section, we explain how to configure your Ewon Flexy to collect data from the PLC and send the historical data to MindSphere® platform.

MindSphere® is the cloud-based, openIoT — Internet of Things— operating system from Siemens® which connects your products, plants, systems or machines ,and enables you to harness the wealth of data generated by the IoT with advanced analytics.

To learn more on how to combine the Ewon Flexy and Siemens MindSphere, please refer to the AUG-0082-00: Connect an Ewon Flexy to Siemens MindSphere.

HMS Solutions Partners

If you need some help in developping your IoT project, HMS has built an efficient and reliable network of Solutions Partners.

Visit the HMS Solutions Partners web page to get an overview of all our trusted IoT partners.

More to come

This a non-exhaustive list of what the Ewon Flexy can do when it comes to IoT solutions.

More solutions will soon be updated !

In the meantime, if you would like to browse more examples coming from the Ewon community, feel free to visit the Ewon TechForum.