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Ewon Programming

The Ewon Flexy offers you the possibility to write your own code.

Different programming languages can be used to customize the Ewon Flexy's behavior, trigger actions based on events, extend Ewon Flexy's functionnalities, ... You could for example: set up an alarm format, create your own I/O server, display tags value in a Web application and much more.

The Programming section describes and explains each programming language that is available in the Ewon IoT gateway. You can also find examples of what has already be done.

Note: M2Web API and DMWeb APIs require a Developer ID which can be requested on the Registration page.

  • Basic

    The BASIC of the Ewon is similar to the official BASIC script syntax. The Ewon BASIC offers a simplified, yet powerful programming language to customize your Ewon.

  • Java

    The Ewon JAVA toolkit is designed around the J2SE (JAVA Standard Edition) technology. The J2SE profile provides a language and a framework to develop your applications.

  • M2Web API

    The M2Web API provides a set of web services that allow 3rd party programs to automate control procedures, data processing and more on Ewons connected to Talk2M.

  • DMWeb API

    The DataMailbox is a service based on Talk2M that gathers Ewon historical data and makes this data available for third party applications to easily retrieve it.

  • Custom Web pages

    Build your web pages manually with SSI (Server Side Include) technologies. Create simple HTML pages and include tags showing values coming directly from the Ewon.