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Developing with an Ewon is easy. When you know how to.

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    This website has been created for Ewon developers. The content has been written to serve one purpose only: engender resourceful Ewon developers that will integrate Ewons into awesome projects

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    This website is full of information about which technologies can be found when using an Ewon, what are the programming languages that can be chosen when developing for an Ewon, see concrete examples, ...

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    Feel safe whenever you are developing for an Ewon. Except for Basic & Java, each developer needs an ID given by Ewon when creating a project, which allow us to know who is part of the Ewon Developers Family.

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  • Release of Firmware 14.2

    Firmware 14.2s0 is out and includes major improvements regarding the Flash memory which is greatly appreciated when generating high historical logging volume!

  • eCatcher pre-release 6.6

    Ewon is releasing a new pre-release version of eCatcher : version 6.6.# embedding two major improvements: Taffice & Data consumption, and Talk2M API token.

  • viewon 4.1 is released

    As of today, viewON 4.1 has been released as the latest officiel version. There is no major improvement in this official release compared to the previous version 4.1.Nonetheless, we implemented new features that w

  • viewON 4 officially released !

    As from today, viewON 4 is switching from a pre-release state to an official one. There is no major improvement in this official release compared to the pre-released one.As a reminder, here are the

  • Technology

    Learn everything there is to know when it comes to developing for eWON. Each technology that is available for the eWON is presented and explained in order to offer a proper overview of what is possible to develop and apply in your projects.

  • Programming

    Find out which languages can be used to develop with an eWON. Learn how it can be implemented by discovering our concrete code examples. Read our documentation to receive a complete and detailed explanation about those programming languages.

  • Registration

    To be able to develop in the proposed languages, a Talk2M Developer ID is required. This one can be ask by filling in a request form. The ID is only used to monitor who is using what on our servers and garantee a safe developement environment.