Support for Ewon developers

Handle and extend the Ewon gateway’s behavior.

Support for Ewon developers is here to help developers understand the Ewon gateways and provide them with resources useful to handle APIs, code scripting (BASIC or JAVA), ...

The Technology section describes the technologies, protocols and the different features embedded in the Ewon gateway. This helps developers understand the way the Ewon deals with the information.

The Programming section provides explanations and examples of the different programming languages the Ewon can handle: DMWeb and M2WEB APIs, BASIC, JAVA or Custom web pages.


  • Release: Firmware 14.3s0

    We publicly released the Ewon firmware 14.3s0 and made it available from public download (eBuddy and manual firmware download).

  • Release: eCatcher 6.6.4 & Mobile app

    We have released a new version for both the eCatcher desktop software (v6.6.4) and the eCatcher Mobile app (Android v.1.1.5 / iOS v.1.1.3).

  • Release of Firmware 14.2

    Firmware 14.2s0 is out and includes major improvements regarding the Flash memory which is greatly appreciated when generating high historical logging volume!

  • eCatcher pre-release 6.6

    Ewon is releasing a new pre-release version of eCatcher : version 6.6.# embedding two major improvements: Taffice & Data consumption, and Talk2M API token.

  • Basic script

    If you would like to easily modify or extend the behavior of the Ewon gateway, the BASIC script is one of the best options.

  • IIOT & You

    IIOT is becoming more and more important in the industrial world. Microsoft Azure, Siemens MindSphere, custom MQTT brokers, ... Discover how the Ewon can fit your IIOT projects.

  • Inside the Ewon gateway

    If you want to know better what’s inside an Ewon gateway and how it works, the Technology section is the right place to look in.