Create a historical logging

This BASIC script example explains how to log historical data.

This suppose that you know how to create a tag on the eWON web interface and that one has already been created with the historical log enabled.

This can be useful when the eWON "Logging Deadband" and "Logging Interval" built-in parameters are not enough to set when the historical logging should be active.

In the following example, when a boolean value "TriggerRecord" changes, the values of the tags "VesselTemp" and "VesselPress" are recorded, by scripting, in the historical log file.

 REM Trigger of historical value recording
ONCHANGE "TriggerRecord", "goto HistRecord"
REM Record of VesselTemp value
LOGIO "VesselTemp"
REM Record of VesselPress  value
LOGIO "VesselPress"