Execute actions at specific times

The following BASIC code show an short example on how the eWON can execute actions / tasks on a defined time frame.

For this example, each hour + 0 minute and each hour + 30 minutes, a mail will be sent with the value of a temperature tag.
This email must be sent only during working days (monday to friday) and during office hours ( 08h00 → 17h30 ).

REM Activation of Timer 1 executed each 60 seconds
TSET 1,60
REM Trigger of the GetTime section
ONTIMER 1, "Goto GetTime"

A$ = TIME$
REM Get the day of the week
a% = DOW A$
REM Get the hour value
b% = VAL(A$(12 TO 13))
REM Get the minute value
c% = VAL(A$(15 TO 16))
REM Check if action must be done
REM Check Day of the week
IF ((a% > 0) AND (a% < 6)) THEN
    REM Check hour of the day
    IF ((b% >= 8) AND (b% <= 17)) THEN
        REM Check minute of the hour
        IF ((c% = 0) OR (c% = 30)) THEN
           Goto TimeAction

REM Convert analog value into a string
B$ = STR$ VesselTemp@
B$ = “The vessel temperature value is: “ + B$ + “°C”
Sendmail "ewon@actl.be", "", "Vessel Temperature", B$