Export Block Descriptor

The Ewon router is able to export specific data thanks to the Export Block Descriptor (a.k.a. EBD).

An Export Block Descriptor is a string composed of several parameters that defines which data must be exported.
The Export Block Descriptors are used for many functions: email attachment, FTP transfer, HTTP transfer and custom webpages.

Here is an example :


Each parameter has the following structure : $xxYY

Where xx is the parameter name, YY is the parameter value.

Here are the main parameters used in an EBD:

  • $dtYY : The type data to export (Logs, Historical logging,…)
    example: $dtHL = data type: Historical Logging
  • $ftY : The format of the export (Binary, Graph, Text, HTML)
    example: $ftT = export in Text format
  • $stYYY & $etYYY : In case of timestamped data, the time-frame to export.
    • $st_s30 = start time: 30 seconds before now
    • $et_m0 = end time: 0 minutes (so now)
  • $fnYYY : The name and extension type you want to give to your file.
    • $fnLog.txt = store the data in the newly created "Log.txt" file.

To get more details about the Export Block Descriptors, see the General Reference Guide for Export Block Descriptors.

An Export Block Descriptor Helper is also available on tools.ewonsupport.biz/ebd 
This tool allows the creation of an  EBD just by selecting the different parameter values. You can create an EBD without the need to know the syntax.