Find the "null" character

You cannot search the character null ( chr$(0) ) with INSTR because chr$(0) is the string END delimiter (for the INSTR function, not for the eWON).

For example:

d% = Instr 1, b$, Chr$(00)

is like asking the INSTR to search an "empty string" inside the b$ string. And strangely, it succeeds directly.

If you need to search the character null, you must search it manually inside the string.

Create a string with a null character inside such as:

b$ = "hello"+chr$(0)+"bonjour"

When you print it, it displays only the "hello" part

BUT you can see that the length of this b$ is well equal to 13:

print len(b$)

And if you search manually with the fonction below, you'll find that  position==6:

	For i%= 1 To LEN(B$)
		If B$(i%)=Chr$(0) Then
	Next i%
	Print "pos ";position