HTTP Communication

  • HTTP Server

    The eWON can act as an HTTP Server. Most commonly, the HTTP Clients connecting to the eWON's Server are web browser reaching the eWON's web pages.However, other applications that support HTTP client requests can also retrieve data from the eWON's HTTP Server. By knowing the appropriate URI...

  • HTTPS - M2U

    M2U is a Talk2M service that allows eWONs to perform HTTPS (secure HTTP) requests to a web server.The eWON sends regular HTTP requests through the secure VPN tunnel between it and Tal...

  • HTTP(S) Client

    The eWON can act as an HTTP Client to send and receive data from other web servers.A common way to send data to a web server is with an HTTP POST.In BASIC scripting, you can used the PUTHTTP command to perform an HTTP POST to an external server.In Java, you can use the...