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Java ETK

The Ewon JAVA toolkit (v1.4.4 | Release note) is designed around the J2SE (JAVA Standard Edition) technology. The J2SE profile provides a language and a framework to develop your applications.

Standard package
  • Java implementation including multithreading and synchronization (locking)
  • java.lang: classes for basic types, floats, runtime, ... manipulations
  • stream operations
  • java.util: Calendar, Hashtable, Stack, Vector,...
  • etc.
eWON package "com.ewon.ewonitf"
  • IO server tags
  • Custom web site
  • Scheduled actions management
  • Event log
  • etc.

To use the Ewon Java ETK 1.4.4, you must run the firmware version 14.0 (or higher) in your Ewon.

More information about this Ewon JAVA toolkit can be found in the Ewon Java Toolkit User guide - J2SE

If the firmware version of the Ewon device is older than v12.2s0, you must use the JavaToolkit linked to the J2ME instead of the J2SE.

The Ewon JAVA toolkit (v1.4b | Release note) is designed around the J2ME (JAVA Micro Edition) technology. The J2ME profile provides a language and a framework to develop your applications.

For details, check the Ewon Java Toolkit User guide - J2ME


Get started

To get started, you need the Ewon Java Toolkit which can be downloaded in the Java ETK section here above.
If you want a proper Java environment, we suggest downloading the Java IDE called Eclipse.
Finally, if you wish to test how the Java works in the Ewon, try out our Test Application

If you also need a clean template to start developing your own I/O server, we have one for you.

Code Examples

  • Retrieve system information

    To read the system information of the eWON (SerialNumber, firmwareVersion, IOServerCounter, ... all info from the estat.htm file), you need to use the getItem to extract it from the SysControlBlock.INF...

  • FTP Gateway

    Java Addon will be configured to use the eWON as an FTP gateway.In other words, to copy files from one FTP server (PLC for example) to another one automatically.

  • Set / Retrieve tags through a Telnet server

    Here's an example of a small Telnet server that will let you get or set tags. It deals with multi-sessions, read/write tags...

  • Enabling/disabling the WAN interface

    A common example of controlling the WAN communication through scripting is enabling and disabling the WAN port based on the state of a tag.In the example below, the boolean tag Switch ...

  • Telnet IO Server

    This example of Java IO Server makes it possible to turn the eWON into an Telnet client. This IO Server has been used to demonstarte the new Java IO Server feature during Flexthink! 2015.Download the package !

  • Danfoss IO Server

    Example of IOserver to communicate with Danfoss AK systems. Actually this device features a web server and uses XML exchanges to read and write the data.

  • Weather Station with a Java IO Server

    IO Server used to communicate to Conrad WH2600 Weather Station. It allows to read all the Weather live data (Temperature, Humidity, Pressure,...)

  • Parse JSON when using a Java IO Server

    How to Parse Json files with JAVA on eWON

  • Custom Configuration Page with JAVA

    This add-on allows to create a Custom Web page that will enable the configuration of an eWON using a user with limited permissions.

  • MQTT - Get Started

    If you wish to get started with MQTT and the eWON using JAVA, this is where you need to look at....

  • Add-on Modbus RTU

    This add-on allows the polling of Modbus RTU devices which is quite useful when you want to poll two Modbus serial networks.