Planner entry with dynamic filename

Using a Planner Entry is not possible in this case because there is no way to customize the filename of your Export Bloc Descriptor (EBD).

Instead of using the Planner Entries from the Configuration page, use the Basic script to create your Planner Entry. Place the script for your Action in a Basic New Section:

	A$="/usr/MyData/Data"+T$(7 To 10)+"-"+T$(4 To 5)+"-"+T$(1 To 2)+".csv"
	PUTFTP A$,"[$dtHL $ftT $st_d1 $et_s0 $tnTestTag]"

And to call this Action at a Scheduled interval, use the ONDATE function (Planner Script function). The best place is to place it on the Init Section.

ONDATE 1,"0 0 * * *","GOTO MyAction"

Now, every day at midnight, eWON will put a file on your FTP server with a name like Data2010-03-03.csv