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Ewon tags are data elements retrieved from a data source - such as the Ewon gateway's local inputs and outputs, PLC registers, and the Ewon gateway's memory - and which are monitored by the Ewon gateway.

Ewon tags typically allow both reading from and writing to the data source.

Once your field data is associated to an Ewon tag, you can take benefit of the Ewon tag features such as:

  • Display the tag value inside a report or on a web page;
  • Alarm triggering: the Ewon gateway trriggers an alarm for which you have specified the different levels;
  • Alarm notification: the Ewon gateway triggers an event (e.g.: send an email, an SMS or a file through FTP) once an alarm has been triggered on a tag;
  • Realtime logging: the Ewon gateway can keep in its memory (RAM) the # last samples of each tag;
  • Historical logging: the Ewon gateway can store the historical values of each tag;
    The historical data can then be easily synchronized with an external server, using the Data Management feature of the Ewon gateay;
  • Publish the tag in another protocol.

If you want to learn more on how to create an Ewon tag which should be assocated with one of your device data registers, please refer to the Ewon support website.
Check for a document labeled as Polling Data Registers from [brand] PLCs.