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The Talk2M Service "DataMailbox" allows easy retrieval of Ewon historical data.

Application developers can easily write code to retrieve historical data of multiple Ewon Flexys using the DataMailbox without the need of learning a whole new environment.

The Ewon IoT gateway pushes its historical data to the DataMailbox running on our Talk2M servers. This historical data is temporarily stored and is then available using the DMWeb protocol. This HTTP based protocol allows third party applications to retrieve data from the DataMailbox in an easy way.

DMWeb Synchronize


As the DataMailbox is an online data buffer storage waiting for you to pick up the data, you can configure your Ewon IoT gateways to synchronize with the DataMailbox at different times. You can choose a time interval or when an alarm occurs. You can even use a BASIC script to control synchronization.

Browser Comptible

Multi Platform Compatibility

The use of DMWeb API requires no special software or special application. It is independent from the platform using the APIs. Web page, mobile application, ... DMWeb API covers it all.


Talk2M Developer ID

To use the DMWeb API, you need a Talk2M Developer ID. This ID is required for a security matter but also for monitoring purpose. Some rules need to be respected when using our APIs. This Talk2M Developer ID can be acquired on the Registration page.


Talk2M SDK

A package has been created to group all the useful information / documents / programs to get you started with the DMWeb API. Download the Talk2M DataMailbox API package .

Code Examples

  • Synchronizing Datamailbox through Excel

    Use Microsoft Excel Office suite to retrieve data from your Ewon gateways using the DataMailbox API.