Synchronizing Datamailbox through Excel

During the Ewon FlexThink tour, HMS presented a way to retrieve data from an Ewon gateway using the DataMailbox API.

The file is pretty easy to use:

  • Fill in the token
  • Select the Ewon
  • Select the Tag

You're done. Hit the button and get directly in columns the data from your Ewon gateway.

Here is a token you can use for your test : n6x2pyv0kJLAKxXPWzDJyz8N9HAz3B5E6FmZhQEFplQaJ8G1MA
With this one, you'll have access to the weather station data (HMS_OFFICE_BE) and the PackagingMachine in the flexthink account.

Also, the old guest_dm/guest_dm access is now guest_dm1/guest_dm1.

Download the file