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eCatcher pre-release 6.6

Ewon is releasing a new pre-release version of eCatcher : version 6.6.# embedding two major improvements.

New pre-release version of eCatcher : version 6.6.3

There are two major improvements in this version:

  • Traffic & Data consumption
    The "Credit & Contract" section of the account tab now offers a clean view of the account's current financial status.
  • Implementation of API Token
    Until now, the Talk2M API were relying on Talk2M credentials in the DMWeb API requests to authenticate. From now on, the DMWeb API authentication will be relying on token.
    The POST method is now the only way to perform the requests to the Talk2M APIs.
    You can find more information on the Talk2M Token and the POST method in the RG-0005-00: Reference Guide for DMWeb API

Try out the eCatcher 6.6.3 PR

If you want to read the whole list of improvements and fixes, please refer to the  eCatcher v 6.6 - Release notes explained.