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  • viewON 4 officially released !

    As from today, viewON 4 is switching from a pre-release state to an official one.
    There is no major improvement in this official release compared to the pre-released one.

    As a reminder, here are the main features brought into viewON 4:

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  • FlexThink is back !

    After a first edition that was a huge success, eWON is pleased to announce that the Flexthink is back in 2016 !

    This time it will be through a different concept. Instead of 2 whole days in Brussels, eWON will travel around the European Union to meet its distributors bur most certainly its present/future developers to demonstrate how powerful the eWON can be once a development needs to be implemented in a project.

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  • The eWON FlexThink is over!

    The first edition of eWON developers gathering was a huge success! It was an incredible moment that we all shared together...

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  • A brand new Developer Website

    eWON is proud to launch its new Developer website. A website that is the main channel for everything that has to do with eWON programming.

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