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  • Release: Firmware 14.3s0

    We publicly released the Ewon firmware 14.3s0 and made it available from public download (eBuddy and manual firmware download).

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  • Release of Firmware 14.2

    Firmware 14.2s0 is out and includes major improvements regarding the Flash memory which is greatly appreciated when generating high historical logging volume!

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  • eCatcher pre-release 6.6

    Ewon is releasing a new pre-release version of eCatcher : version 6.6.# embedding two major improvements: Taffice & Data consumption, and Talk2M API token.

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  • viewon 4.1 is released

    As of today, viewON 4.1 has been released as the latest officiel version.
    There is no major improvement in this official release compared to the previous version 4.1.

    Nonetheless, we implemented new features that were waited for so long:

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  • viewON 4 officially released !

    As from today, viewON 4 is switching from a pre-release state to an official one.
    There is no major improvement in this official release compared to the pre-released one.

    As a reminder, here are the main features brought into viewON 4:

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  • FlexThink is back !

    After a first edition that was a huge success, eWON is pleased to announce that the Flexthink is back in 2016 !

    This time it will be through a different concept. Instead of 2 whole days in Brussels, eWON will travel around the European Union to meet its distributors bur most certainly its present/future developers to demonstrate how powerful the eWON can be once a development needs to be implemented in a project.

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