Export files in XML

The eWON does not support (directly) the XML format.

But using SSI (Server Side Include) syntax and Export Block Descriptor feature of the eWON, you can export XML files to an FTP server or as an attachment in an email.

Create the XML "template"

Take the XML file you want to generate and replace inside this file the fields the eWON will need to update. Use SSI syntax and Export Block Descriptors to insert the eWON info inside the file.

The following code shows how we used the TagSSI and the ParamSSI syntax to insert eWON Tag values and eWON Info inside the file.


      Comment="Serial number of eWON"/>

      Comment="WAN IP address of eWON"/>



Set this xml template in the /usr directory of the eWON FTP server.

Use "sendmail" or "PutFTP" commands of the eWON to export the file either through an email or by sending it to another FTP server.

During the export, the eWON parses the file and insert the requested info.

endmail "myaddress@company.com","","XML file","&[$dtUF $uf/Info_ewon.xml $fnInfo_ewon.xml]"

PUTFTP "/eWON.xml", "[$dtUF $uf/usr/Info_ewon.xml]", "user:pwd@My.ftpserver.address,0"