Custom Web pages

The Ewon offers the possibility to customize web pages to show tag values directly on a custom HTML page instead of the traditional internal table page inside the eWON embedded website.

The Ewon can host a web site containing user define web pages. The hosting management can be done like for common web site using the Ewon FTP server. When connecting to the Ewon FTP server, the root directory contains a /usr directory. The pages from the custom Web site can be located in that directory or in subdirectories of /usr.

If you don’t have any HTML skills but still want to create custom web pages, you can do it via our companion tool viewON.

viewON App


viewON is a graphical environment used to design animated HMI pages for the Ewon Flexy. Embedded as a Web page, viewON transforms the Ewon Flexy into a powerful remote dashboard containing complete synoptics with various objects and animations.
Download the viewON software.

viewON Symbols

viewON Resources

If you wish to download more resources for viewON such as symbols, synoptics, ... check out the Ewon TechForum where the Ewon community propose resources to enhance the viewON experience.
Go to the Ewon TechForum.


SSI syntax

The SSI stands for Server Side Include; this method is used for creating web sites in which the server updates parts of the HTML page before sending the page to the client.
Example: dynamic update of the pages, script expression...


bASP syntax

Let's you put BASIC program block in your web pages saved on the server. The BASIC block can access parameters passed to the page and it can output HTML content directly to the page delivered to the client.


Special Form

Some special forms are handled by the eWON to allow to update of eWON Tag values, hyperlink to Graph, Text or HTML table, Execute Script action, acknowledge alarm...


Getting started

Get used with the custom webpages by trying our example how to build a Tank level monitoring application with Basic.
Download the package.

Code Examples

  • Update automatically a tag list

    Some customers want to monitor their Tag values without having to refresh the whole page in order to get the new values.In this case, the below example can be used.The project exists in two versions : ...

  • Export files in XML

    The eWON does not support (directly) the XML format.But using SSI (Server Side Include) syntax and Export Block Descriptor feature of the eWON, you can export XML files to an FTP server or as an attachment in an email.Create the XML "template"Take the XML file you want to g...