getAccountInfo with session method

This request to the M2Web API is going to:

  • Retrieve basic account information (reference, name, company).
  • Retrieve the set of pools visible by user : pairs name/id
  • Retrieve the name of each custom attribute.

First we'll need to open a session. This will prevent us from putting our username, password and dev ID in each request (if we were to execute several requests, which is not the case here)."

M2Web will recognize me and send me a success message:

	"success": true,
	"t2msession": "123abc456"

 Now that I've been logged in, I will only need to reference this session ID in my URL.
Let's now ask for what we were looking for: the account information.

M2Web will answer with:

	"success": true,
	"accountReference": "8435",
	"accountName": "MyAccount",
	"company": "XXYYZZ, Inc.",
	"customAttributes": [ "attribute1", "", "third attribute" ],
	"pools": [
		{ "id": 8735, "name": "site 1" },
		{ "id": 9541, "name": "site 2" },
		{ "id": 723, "name": "devices" }
	"accountType": "Pro"