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The M2Web API exposes a set of HTTPS web services based on the Talk2M M2Web HTTPS service.

The API exposes web services aimed at querying M2Web information (basically the content found on the M2Web portal) and at accessing to the eWON web server (and possible web servers on eWON LAN). This means that it can either return information about M2Web itself (account information, eWON connectivity status,...) or forward requests to eWONs (or eWON LAN devices).

Get or Post

Get or Post

The API supports both GET and POST methods. API parameters can be put either through the query string part of the URL (GET) or through the request body (POST).

Browser Comptible

Multi Platform Compatibility

The use of M2Web API requires no software nor application.
It is independent from the platform it is destined to be on. Web page, mobile application, ... M2Web API covers it all.


Talk2M Developer ID

To use the M2Web API, you need a Talk2M Developer ID. This ID is required for a security matter but also for monitoring purpose. Some rules need to be respected when using our APIs.
This Talk2M Developer ID can be acquired on the Registration page.


Talk2M SDK

A package has been created to regroup all useful information / documents / programs to get you started but also to guide to higher levels with the M2Web API. Download the Talk2M API package .

Code Examples

  • getAccountInfo with session method

    This example will show you how to get the information of the Talk2M account with the login / logout method.

  • Read all instantaneous tag values

    This request retrieves the instantaneous values of all your tags and set them in a CSV file. This request is using an Export Block Descriptor to retrieve such value and set it in the desired form....

  • Update (Write) Tag value

    The request aims to update the tag "Tank" with the value 12.Several tags can be updated in a single call using parameters "TagName2, TagValue2, TagName3, TagValue3, ..."...

  • Retrieve Export Block Descriptor

    The Export Block Descriptor feature of eWON retrieves plenty of different data such as the tags list, the eWON configuration, the list of alarms and the historical data.Export Block Descriptors are explained in the General Reference Guide avail...

  • Execute BASIC Scripts in eWON

    Several BASIC commands can be sent in a single call using the parameters "Command2, Command3,..."...