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Release of Firmware 14.2

The Ewon firmware 14.2 has been released.

This firmware version includes major improvements regarding the Flash memory: the number of accesses to the flash memory has been considerably reduced. This is especially true when generating a high historical logging volume.

The consequence of this improvement is a increase of the Ewon Flexy flash memory’s lifetime.
Other improvements have also seen the light:

  • We implemented a better proxy configuration especially when combined with the Siemens MindSphere connector.
  • You can choose anew to send the data to DataMailbox when an alarm is triggered.
  • If you set the Ewon Flexy with a WAN static IP, the OPC UA Server couldn't recover the connection after a reboot.
  • The historical table is now displaying correctly the last string tags value.

If you wish to learn more about the firmware 14.2s0, please refer to the Ewon Technical Publications.

The firmware 14.2s0 is available in eBuddy