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Release: Firmware 14.3s0

You can retrieve the firmware 14.3s0 either directly from eBuddy or through the manual firmware download page.

The Ewon firmware 14.3s0 is not a pivot firmware.

What are the major improvements?

  • The Uboot,similar to a computer's BIOS, has been updated to version 2.1.2.
  • A new Profinet DCP Explorer configuration page is now available in the Ewon's web interface. Through this explorer, the Ewon device automatically discovers the Profinet devices on the Ewon network.
  • S73&400 IO server: you are now able to write string tags in one block (instead of register per register).

We also enhanced the firewall rules between WAN, LAN and VPN interfaces for a better security.

If you wish to see the complete list of improvements for v14.3s0, refer to the official release note.