Standard PLC Protocol

The Ewon gateway embeds an extended list of IO servers which are used to poll the data from one or more PLCs.

An Ewon IO server is kind of a driver that acts as an interface between the data – from the PLC – and the Ewon monitoring engine. You configure this interface so the Ewon can communicate with the PLC.

Each PLC register – the data transmitted by the PLC - is represented / associated to a tag in the Ewon gateway. And this tag belongs to an IO server.

The Ewon tag will then reflect the value of the PLC register: reading / writing operations are - in most cases - supported.

If you wish to read more about Ewon gateway, its IO servers and their configuration, please refer to the RG-0007-00: Reference guide for IO Servers.

Ewon supports the following PLC protocols
PLC BrandSerialEthernet
Allen Bradley - Rockwell AutomationDF1EIP
Siemens, VIPAMPI/ProfibusISOTCP
OmronFins HostlinkFins TCP/UDP
MitsubishiProgramming ProtocolMC Protocol

More brands / protocols are compatible with the Ewon gateway, check if your device supports one of the following standard protocols:

  • OPC UA
  • Modbus RTU (serial connection)
  • Modbus TCP (Ethernet connection)
  • SNMP (Ethernet connection)

If your PLC / devices doesn't support one of these protocols; then refer to the “Other Protocols” or “Custom Protocol Development” section.

You can find a detailed list of supported PLC series and how to configure the corresponding Ewon IO server to retrieve PLC registers on the Ewon support website. Check for the document called Polling Data Registers from [Device Brand] PLCs.