Standard PLC Protocol

For common PLC protocols, eWON embeds IOservers which can poll the data out of the PLC.

For each data to retrieve, create a Tag inside the eWON and associate this tag to the corresponding PLC register using the embedded IOServer. The eWON Tag will then reflect the value of the register (Reading and writing operations are supported).

Supported PLC protocols

PLC BrandSerialEthernet
Allen Bradley - Rockwell AutomationDF1EIP
Siemens, VIPAMPI/ProfibusISOTCP
OmronFins HostlinkFins TCP/UDP
MitsubishiProgramming ProtocolMC Protocol

If your device is not included in the listed brands, then check if your device supports one of the following standard protocols:

  • Modbus RTU (serial connection)
  • Modbus TCP (Ethernet connection)
  • SNMP (Ethernet connection)

If your PLC / devices does not support these protocols; then refer to the “Other Protocols” or “Custom Protocol Development” section.

A detailed list of supported PLC types and how to configure the eWON to retrieve PLC registers can be found on our support website under the PLC section.
Check for the document called “Polling Data Registers from <desired brand> PLCs”.