Update automatically a tag list

Some customers want to monitor their Tag values without having to refresh the whole page in order to get the new values.

In this case, the below example can be used.

The project exists in two versions : With or Without the "New value" column. The version "without the NewValue column" does not allow writing to Tags.

Project v1 : TagList.zip
Project v2 (No writing) : TagList_WithoutWriting.zip

To use them, you just need to upload the files of the archive into your eWON "/usr" directory through FTP.


  • Color of the main frame can be changed in the shtm file. You have to modify the color code of three "div" areas that have the following style parameter :
<div style="background-color:#9DEAEC;">
  • Refresh Rate can be changed from the Script file ewon.js. You just need to modify the value of the variable "RefreshRate" defined at the first line (value in millisec).

  • This webpage is compatible with the browsers FireFox, Chrome and IE (>=Ver9)