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Ewon Flexy & Amazon Web Services

Ewon provides three different turn-key solutions to our customers:

  • On demand remote connectivity.
    • The combination of our Talk2M CAAS cloud and the Ewon Cosy/Flexy provides to our customers remote connections to their machine.
  • On-premises Data monitoring. 
    • Ewon Flexy can collect data from your PLC/IO modules. These local data can be displayed through local web dashboards accessible locally or remotely through Talk2M/M2Web. Ewon Flexy can also handle local alarms and alarms notifications.
  • Data Collection for IoT Applications. 
    • At some point, collecting and centralizing the data of all your Ewon Flexy may be needed. For this we provide a set of solutions through the Talk2M Cloud using the Talk2M API (DMWeb API or M2Web API) or through direct data connections from Ewon Flexy to the third-party clouds through HTTP(S) or MQTT(S).

You can find more info on

On this page, we will focus on the “Data Collection for IoT Application” with a direct connection from Ewon Flexy to the AWS IoT Hub using MQTTS protocol.

Sending data to a MQTT(S) broker from your Ewon Flexy requires some programming in the Ewon Flexy, either in BASIC scripting or in JAVA. The document AUG-0073-00: Getting started with MQTT on Ewon Flexy helps you get started with MQTT and Flexy. 

For testing purpose, we put on our support test website a simple but easy-to-use MQTT broker. Please visit for more details concerning the basic script and how to connect your Ewon Flexy to this MQTT broker.

To set up the connection from your Ewon Flexy to the AWS IoT Hub MQTTS broker, there are different examples you can use as it is or take inspiration from on the Ewon TechForum:

  1. this example makes it possible to connect your Ewon Flexy to the AWS IoT platform while using the self-signed certificate method.

We invite you to register an account on the Ewon TechForum if you want to ask questions to the Ewon developer community.