External Data Storage

The Ewon router can act as some kind of data logger.

The Ewon router is able to record tag values as timestamped data in its memory.
On an Ewon Flexy, it can record up to 1.000.000 records.

Usually, this historical data has to be exported to a central server in order to be processed and analyzed.
To do so, the Ewon router provides different solutions according to your needs:


eSync is a software acting as a web server which allows the gathering and the storage - temporarily - of your Ewon data in a MYSQL database.

eSync must be installed in your premises, and you must configure the Ewon router to send its data to this web server through the Data Management configuration panel.


The DataMailbox is a Talk2M service, our cloud application, to store temporarily the historical data of your Ewon router. Data can be retrieved through HTTPs calls (via DMWeb API).

The DataMailbox acts as a buffer for you to have a 24/7 secure online platform from where to fetch your Ewon data.

Want to know more about DataMailbox? Read the DataMailbox page from the the Ewon Connection Tools section

Custom Data Aggregator

It is possible to host your personnal server with your own data aggregator application. 
The Ewon router can send data through HTTP, FTP, email or even through MQTT using the BASIC script.