If you want to develop your own remote monitoring and control application based on eWON and Talk2M, Talk2M provides an API for M2Web.

The API exposes web services aimed at querying M2Web information (basically the contents found in the M2Web portal), accessing the eWON's web server and other possible web servers on the eWON LAN. The eWON must be connected to Talk2M to use this service.

For more details, see M2Web section.

Here are some M2Web API commands:

  • getaccountinfo: get the Talk2M account information. The response is returned in JSON format.
  • getewons: get the list of eWONs. The response is returned in JSON format.
  • get/<eWONName>: connect to the eWON webserver


This API allows you to query an eWON as well as sending commands in just one call . Here are some actions you can perform on the eWON through the M2Web API:

  • Get eWON archives, Tag values, Alarms,... through Export Block descriptors
  • Write Tag values
  • Acknowledge alarms
  • Execute a script

For more details, see M2WebAPI programming section