eWON is able to generate and send reports through various different protocols in various different formats.

The report sending can be triggered by an Alarm, the BASIC Scripting (Link to BASIC Section) or by the Task Planner (Link to task Planner).

Defining the data that is included in the report is done through the Export Block Descriptor. (Link to EBD). Natively, the supported report format are CSV, HTML, Binary and Graph (PNG Trend).

Another way to generate data inside a report is to use following method:

  • Create a text or html file inside the /usr directory of the eWON.
  • Send the text file out using email, ftp or Export Block descriptor
  • eWON parses the files before sending out and replaces the SSI tags inside the text with the corresponding data.

This method allows then for example also to create a kind of XML export. (Link to eWON Support web site: Flexy / Data Services / Reports).

A report can be sent by e-mail, sent to an FTP server or posted on a Web server.

For instance, eWON could send the historical data by e-mail every day or send the eWON instantaneous Tag values when an alarm occurs.