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viewon 4.1 is released

As of today, viewON 4.1 has been released as the latest officiel version.
There is no major improvement in this official release compared to the previous version 4.1.

Nonetheless, we implemented new features that were waited for so long:

  • Save As
    You can now easily save your project and named them as wanted. This ease the duplication/sharing of projects.
  • New Symbols
    This version of viewON comes with a lot of new symbols to design your dashboards.
  • Export/Import
    If you wish to import an exported viewON projects, there is now a option for that!

All viewON features are explained among other things in the Documentation section of the Ewon Programming section

If you want to check the whole list of viewON fixes & changes, refer to the release note.

You can also have a look at the viewON 4.1.3 - Release notes explained.