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Starter Kit for Flexy 205

IIoT for Flexy 205

Congratulations! You've taken the right decision by choosing Ewon!

We are working really hard to make the Ewon as powerful as we can possibly imagine it can be. This is why we created this page : we want to help you get started with the equipment you bought.

What did you receive?

Through this Starter Kit, you had the opportunity to buy a special Ewon kit which includes :

  • an Ewon Flexy 205
  • a WiFi Extension Card
  • an IO Extension Card with an IO simulator module
  • an Ethernet Cable
  • a pluggable Power Supply (EU/US compatible)
  • a Quick Start Guide leaflet
  • a Welcome letter and a Sticker
  • If you're willing to use our Talk2M APIs, a Talk2M Developer ID is needed. Request one online and start developing pretty quickly.

  • Share your experience / questions! A Tech Forum has been created so developers can have their own platform to talk to each others.

  • New with the Ewon? The Technology section explains everything needed to understand how the Ewon works.

  • If you're already experienced with the Ewon, the Programming section will help you understand how to develop with the Ewon. 

Content to start from

Need somewhere to start from? We got something for you!

IoT solutions

If you want to read more about how to fit an Ewon into an IoT project, we have an entire section that explain all the solutions that can be used with an Ewon device.

Check out the IoT solutions section.

With the APIs

Ewon offers the ability to use two kinds of APIs: M2Web API & DMWeb API

If the first one is a web platform that allows remote access with whatever device you are using (smartphone, tablet, ...), the second one gives you the opportunity to gather each time new historical data.

What you should do to enjoy the full potential of these APIs are:

  • Unpack your Ewon
    Thanks to this Starter Kit, a brand new Ewon with some extension cards is waiting for you to be played with.
  • Get your Talk2M Developer ID
    In order to be able to use the APIs, you'll need to request a Developer ID which can be done on the designed web page.
  • Enjoy
    Start developing thanks to the documentation you can find on, through the code examples,...
  • TechForum
    Still have questions ? We created a forum for developers in case they needed some precisions or help. Visit it!

With Java

We created a Java package that will install a dummy demo on your Ewon. This demo creates multiple tags linked to a custom IO Server. By default, it is configured to randomly change the values in order to animate the Ewon.
You can choose to set your own values, tags, ... The idea is that you get how powerful the Ewon when it comes to development.

What you need to get it started :

  • Install Java
    In the Documentation section of the Java Programming, you'll find a document "Ewon Java Toolkit User guide" explaining how to install Java on your Ewon. It explains what is mandatory to have, how to run Java automatically, the librairies included, ...
  • Download and deploy the dummy demo "Tag generator"
    Once the whole package downloaded from the Playground section hereunder, deploy the project on your Ewon.
  • Play with your Ewon
    Now that you have set evertyhing up, you are ready to customize the demo on your terms, visualize/modify the custom web pages, ... You've got the groove, have fun!

More interested in BASIC Scripting? Or writing custom web pages? Check our Programming section.


Here are some code examples that might come in handy